Chapter 1.1 – Shocking News

14 Jan

After more than a day of feeling like a load of crap, puking in both toilets of the house I finally decided to do the thing that was slowly coming to my mind “Am I pregnant?”. So whilst my mother was out at work, I bought a pregnancy testing kit, now was the moment of truth..

After I had used the bathroom and did what the instructions said, I waited for the result..


Then, I looked at the test.. it was positive.

To be honest I had gained a considerable amount of weight, but being pregnant at only 16, shocked me.

I hid the test so my mother wouldn’t find it and went to sleep.


My mother woke me up at 6:30 AM, I got ready for school and sat outside on my balcony for an amount of time which seemed like hours, until I realized I had missed the bus, oh well.

My mother yelled at me and asked me what as wrong, I spilled the beans.

“Lola, what on earth is the matter?”

“It doesn’t matter, you will yell at me any way!” .

“Lola! Will you just tell me what is going on!”

“I’m pregnant!”

My mom looked at me, like I had just murdered someone, she was shocked just as much as I was.


My mom continued to yell at me, she even tried to make me go and have an abortion, unknowing that I was too far along with my surprise pregnancy.

“Thats it, I am taking you to the hospital.”

“Mom, I am almost six months pregnant, its too late now..”

“You stupid, stupid little girl, go to your room, I do not want to see your face again!

I had never seen my mother act in the way she did today, as the day drew to an end, I got undressed and went to sleep.

As usual my mother woke me up at the normal 6:30 AM, I got dressed and ready for school, hoping that no body at school will notice my growing stomach. So to prevent it from happening I wore kinda baggy jumpers, which looked ridiculous.

My mother sat me down on the sofa and spoke to me.


“I am sorry for acting the way I did yesterday, it was just a huge shock.”

“Its okay mom, I understand, I was shocked too.”

“Lola, if you need anything for the baby and yourself, I will be here with you and when the time comes, I will be there for you, I promise.”

After my mom had said those words, I hugged her, happy to have someone to support me through this.


Yet carrying around a baby was hard work, I had to fight the cravings of French Toast, tiredness and most of all, mood swings.

Well that is the end of the first chapter!